Windscreen Cover

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Ensure that your car’s windscreen is restored to perfect condition if it gets damaged

Windscreen Cover

The perfect condition of your windscreen is crucial to maintain optimal vision on the road. It’s also essential for your car to be considered as safe and roadworthy as possible. But windscreens are notoriously susceptible to various kinds of damage.

The Benefits of Windscreen Cover

Having this cover will partially or totally cover the cost of windscreen replacements. It should also cover the cost of repairs to small chips and cracks that can gradually become a serious problem if left unrepaired. Despite the name, many windscreen cover policies extend to cover for your car’s side windows and rear window.

Many cars in the UAE today incorporate advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). This technology makes driving safer and easier, but if you get even a tiny crack or chip in your windscreen, the technology’s sensors will need to be recalibrated. This process is typically neither simple nor cheap. Having this cover for vehicles with ADAS should ensure that the procedure is as straightforward as possible.

If you don’t have windscreen cover, you might have to pay the entire cost of repairing the windscreen (including recalibration if it’s fitted with ADAS).

Many insurance providers require that you use one of their approved repairers, but this varies from one company to another. If you opt to use the windscreen repairer of your choice (instead of the insurer’s approved repairer) be aware that you might have to pay a higher excess. Generally, you can expect that any quality insurer will use a quality repairer and that the work will be done to a professional standard.

Does My Insurance Include This Cover?

Whether your standard car insurance includes a certain cover, depends on the insurer you use and the policy you have with them. Many insurance providers offer this cover as an optional add-on – for which you’ll have to pay an additional premium – to your regular insurance policy.

Even if windscreen damage is covered by your standard insurance, it may possibly only cover certain kinds of damage, or damage gained from specific circumstances. Getting a policy specifically for your car’s windscreen can allow a tailored policy that better suits what you want or need from this kind of insurance.

Keep in mind that insurance providers have different terms and conditions, and the details of even comprehensive insurance cover can differ significantly from one insurer’s policy to another. Always check if this cover is included in your policy and understand the terms and conditions to make sure you have the cover you want.

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