Outpatient Consultations, Diagnostic Tests and Prescribed Drugs

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Many medical plans include “outpatient cover”

Outpatient Consultations, Diagnostic Tests and Prescribed Drugs

An outpatient (sometimes also called a day-patient) is a patient that doesn’t need to stay in hospital overnight. Outpatient procedures include diagnostic tests, consultations, and picking up prescribed medication. They can also refer to relatively simple medical procedures, including minor surgery where an overnight stay is not necessary.

Outpatient benefits on UAE Health Insurance policies are normally available in addition to the purchase of inpatient health insurance.

What is Outpatient Cover?

Outpatient insurance generally covers consultations and treatments provided by a doctor or other medical practitioner. Plans also often include at least partial cover for prescribed medications.

The cost of outpatient cover can be similar to in-patient cover. Outpatient claims are more common in general, and more frequent among individuals. The amount of these claims, however, tend to be relatively small.

Some consider the cost of outpatient cover too high and instead opt to pay in full for outpatient treatments. However, where families are concerned it is advised that outpatient cover be included as part of a family medical plan.

Many UAE health insurance plans which include outpatient coverage include this coverage internationally. This allows for a policyholder to see the doctor of their choice while traveling abroad.

Employer-provided insurance for expats in the UAE may include outpatient cover. Comprehensive medical insurance covers any treatment or procedure likely to fall under the ‘outpatient’ umbrella. Basic medical schemes may cover only some aspects of treatment typical of outpatient cover.

What does Outpatient Cover Include and Exclude?

Like all medical insurance schemes, there are general exclusions to outpatient plans. These vary depending on the insurance provider and the types of cover they offer (i.e. basic plans vs. comprehensive plans). It is important to ensure you fully understand what is covered by your plan.

Typically, though, outpatient cover will include:

  • Consultations
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Prescribed drugs

However, there are usually caveats to what is included in consultations, diagnostic tests and prescribed drugs. For example, prescribed drugs for obesity treatment will likely not be covered by outpatient medical plans (or any other medical plans) if treatment for obesity is excluded from the plan (as it typically is).

Also usually excluded are pre-existing chronic conditions that the client has suffered or had treatment for prior to taking out the policy.

The following commonly appear in the exclusion section of health insurance policies of most kinds and are usually not covered unless agreed upon by the insurer.

  • Pre-existing chronic conditions
  • Obesity treatments
  • Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery or procedures
  • Experimental or unproven care
  • Contraceptive treatments of most kinds.

Outpatient consultations, diagnostic tests, and prescribed drugs are broad terms. As mentioned, the exact coverage provisions under an outpatient plan will vary depending on the insurance company you choose to purchase your policy from.

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