Travel Insurance

Can you buy travel insurance when already abroad?

Getting ready for a vacation requires a lot of administration. You have to book flights, hotels, activities, and tours (not to mention all your COVID-19 testing kits).

As such, some people forget to buy single trip insurance before they travel. They then wind up in their destination worrying about whether they can get it or not, now that they’re already vacationing.

In this post, we explore when and how you can get travel insurance if you’re already abroad.

Yes, you can buy a travel insurance policy while already abroad

You can buy a travel insurance policy from some vendors while you’re abroad. However, there is a catch — you need to wait a certain period of time before the policy will kick in, usually three days or so.

Because of this, travel insurance works similarly to all other kinds of insurance. You can’t buy a cover to protect you against losses already incurred. Instead, you have to wait a few days before you can make a claim.

Not all insurers will allow you to take out an insurance policy once abroad

Please note that many insurers will not let you take out an insurance policy if you are already at your destination. Before signing up for any policy, check its terms and conditions in the small print. Even if you’re able to purchase the policy after filling out your information, check the small print. It may contain a clause that makes your policy invalid if you’re already left.

If you’re already abroad but you plan to visit another destination later on, then you can usually take out a policy for onward travel. These cover things like flight and hotel cancellations, medical care in the destination country, and baggage losses. However, if you make a claim, the insurer will want to see evidence of your itinerary. For the policy to be valid, you’ll need to demonstrate that you indeed left the country in which you bought the policy and went to a new destination.

What does travel insurance cover if you are already abroad?

Any insurance you buy abroad should cover the risks you face from that point in your vacation onwards. For instance, medical expenses and risks associated with the return flight should be included.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay