Travel Insurance

What is multi-trip travel insurance?

Whether it’s business or pleasure, travelling to several places and experiencing different cultures can be exciting. However, it may also mean facing different travelling related health conditions that may be costly. If you travel a lot, purchasing a single trip travel insurance can be tedious and costly. In this case, taking multi-trip best travel health insurance is the best decision for you.

Multi-trip travel insurance is a 12-month insurance plan that covers more than one trip in a year, saving you from getting new insurance every time you travel.

Benefits of multi-trip travel insurance

1. Medical expenses are covered

This type of insurance safeguards your finances by covering all medical costs that you may incur while travelling by yourself or with your family. Multi-trip worldwide insurance can cover evacuation costs to your home country.

2. Cancellation costs are covered

If by any chance you want to cancel a trip or a hotel reservation last minute, this insurance policy covers all costs, including pre-booked flight tickets.

3. Liability costs are covered

This insurance plan can cover costs incurred by a third party. For example, this can be helpful when you are travelling with kids, and they mistakenly cause damage to a third party.

4. Cost-effective

Multi-trip travel insurance saves you money and the hassle of buying new insurance every time you travel.

5. Suitable for last-minute trips

This type of insurance makes it easy to prepare for any unplanned trips.

6. Useful for business travellers

If your work involves a lot of travelling, a multi-trip insurance policy will save a lot in time and financial management compared to a single-trip insurance cover.

Let us help you

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