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What is multi-trip travel insurance?

Whether it’s business or pleasure, travelling to several places and experiencing different cultures can be exciting. However, it may also mean facing different travelling related health conditions that may be costly. If you travel a lot, purchasing a single trip travel insurance can be tedious and costly. In this case, taking multi-trip best travel health insurance is the best decision for you.

Multi-trip travel insurance is a 12-month insurance plan that covers more than one trip in a year, saving you from getting new insurance every time you travel.

Benefits of multi-trip travel insurance

1. Medical expenses are covered

This type of insurance safeguards your finances by covering all medical costs that you may incur while travelling by yourself or with your family. Multi-trip worldwide insurance can cover evacuation costs to your home country.

2. Cancellation costs are covered

If by any chance you want to cancel a trip or a hotel reservation last minute, this insurance policy covers all costs, including pre-booked flight tickets.

3. Liability costs are covered

This insurance plan can cover costs incurred by a third party. For example, this can be helpful when you are travelling with kids, and they mistakenly cause damage to a third party.

4. Cost-effective

Multi-trip travel insurance saves you money and the hassle of buying new insurance every time you travel.

5. Suitable for last-minute trips

This type of insurance makes it easy to prepare for any unplanned trips.

6. Useful for business travellers

If your work involves a lot of travelling, a multi-trip insurance policy will save a lot in time and financial management compared to a single-trip insurance cover.

Let us help you

Looking for the best travelling insurance can be a lot of work, but that should not worry you. Our online comparison tool can help you get the multi-trip insurance cover you want by comparing travel insurance quotes and policies from different companies. Feel free to use it today for your ideal multi-trip insurance cover.

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Travel Insurance

A simple guide to travel insurance policies

The variation in travel medical insurance can be as complex as deciding where to go on holiday. Be incredibly wary of policies that appear surprisingly cheap and make sure you fully understand what you are paying for! A cheap policy generally means poor levels of cover and high excesses. There are good deals out there, they just require a little more time and diligence to find. The following guide aims to make this a little easier for you.

Are you an avid traveller?

If so, it doesn’t make logical sense to take out a new policy every time you make a trip abroad, so look into multi-trip policies. These will cover all the trips you may make in a calendar year. If you tend to holiday more than the average person/family, it would be foolish to look past the various multi-trip options. Bear in mind, however, that these policies often include limits regarding the length of each trip.

Read the exclusions!

If you’re not a fan of reading more than you have to and normally skip the small print, you may want to revise this. Travel insurance policies all include a list of sporting activities or pursuits that are automatically covered, but lookout for the one’s that aren’t! This isn’t necessarily ad-hoc and is a common staple of many travel policies. However, some have exclusions for relatively ordinary activities such as hiking. This is where you could get caught out, so read the policy properly.

Protection against airlines and operators

Providing coverage in case an airline or holiday operator ceases to trade is not something that many people think about, but that doesn’t stop it happening and leaving travellers out of pocket. This is often not included in your average travel policy, so again, make sure you analyse your potential policies correctly.

There are many more methods for making sure you take out the most appropriate policy, so do your research, tailor your coverage, and make sure you don’t get caught out if something goes wrong!

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