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What does ‘curtailment’ mean in travel insurance?

When you go on holiday, you never like to think that the worst-case scenario will come to pass. Sometimes, however, it does, and you may need to cut short your holiday plans to return home, potentially losing a small fortune as a result. When you take out a travel insurance policy, the vast majority of them will include something called a ‘curtailment’ clause which covers you for certain insured events which might force you to cut your holiday short.

What might curtailment cover?

You need to read the small print of your insurance policy very carefully to see what the curtailment clause might cover. On the whole, they will see you receive a pro-rata refund on any pre-booked accommodation, excursions or vehicle hire you’ve arranged as part of your holiday, should certain unavoidable life events occur while you’re on vacation.

These insured events might include you or a member of your party becoming ill or being injured whilst on holiday, or the death, injury or serious illness of a family member at home. Other reasons may include your compulsory call up for jury service, a terrorist attack on your holiday destination or your home being made uninhabitable by something like a fire, flood or serious burglary.

What can you claim?

Every travel insurance firm will have different curtailment clauses, so you need to scrutinise exactly what yours will cover you for. Most will make sure you are refunded for any hotel bills or self-catering accommodation you cannot use because your holiday has been cut short. Some will also grant you pro-rata refunds on car hire or for any pre-arranged excursions and trips out that you won’t be able to take up.

Taking out a travel insurance policy with a curtailment clause gives you peace of mind when you go on holiday, and knowing you’re covered for unforeseen and deeply traumatic incidents can be a great comfort. If the worst happens, there is a safety net in place to make sure your return home is as smooth, stress-free and straightforward as possible, so you’re not left out of pocket.

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay