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How to become a digital nomad

Are you planning to travel to different countries whilst working online? If so, this guide is for you! We’ve put together a helpful list of things not to forget when you start your journey to becoming a digital nomad.

The right kit

Most digital nomads need at least a good laptop and smartphone. However, depending on your career, you may need a good camera or other technology too. Also, don’t forget things like hard drives and adaptors.

A lot of digital nomads buy their kit while travelling. This is a good option if you are spending time in cities or in countries that are known for their tech. However, if you are planning to live right by the beach or in the mountains, you might need to bring your kit with you.

Clothing relevant to your destination and travel style

Digital nomads typically visit more than one destination each year, so you will want to make sure that your wardrobe is versatile. For example, if you are going trekking in the Himalayas and spending time on a tropical beach, you will want mountain wear and beach wear – but not too much of both. You could also buy appropriate clothes when you get to a new destination.

Spend some time thinking about what clothing you might need for your particular situation. Then, write a list of ‘must-take’ clothes and acquire them. Think about versatile items that you can wear in multiple situations. Finally, get your bag and see if all the clothes will fit in there. If they don’t, you might need to rethink your packing strategy.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is essential if you are a digital nomad. If anything happens to you while out of your home country, you will need travel insurance to pay for it. If you are spending a long time out of your country, it may make sense to purchase annual travel insurance. This is often cheaper than buying insurance for a longer trip.

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay