Travel Insurance

Everything you need to know about travel insurance and pre-existing medical conditions

Travel insurance is intended to cover you for any mishaps and accidents that may occur whilst you are on holiday. It should cover your luggage, reimburse you for cancelled flights, and cover any unexpected medical expenses. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, however, it is crucial that you find the best travel insurance with medical conditions for you.

What is considered a pre-existing condition?

Insurance defines pre-existing conditions as illnesses or injuries that you had before taking out the policy. This includes both physical and non-physical conditions, including but not limited to, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, anxiety, and depression.

Pregnancy is not usually considered a pre-existing condition, and your insurance should cover you for any medical emergencies related to the pregnancy. There are also some restrictions about how late into the pregnancy you can travel, so always check with the insurer to make sure that you are covered.

How much are insurance premiums?

Medical costs are the most expensive type of claim made against travel insurance, and as a result, insurance for people with an existing condition tend to be higher. The effect on the premium will depend on your condition. Unfortunately, some insurers may not cover certain conditions at all, however, there are specialist insurers that will be able to help you out.

Do I need a medical examination?

Some insurers may insist on a medical examination to get cover, and others may simply ask you several in-depth questions about your condition. Whilst these are invasive questions that can be uncomfortable to answer, they are necessary to enable the insurance company to tailor the cover to your needs.

Why should I declare a medical condition?

It is crucial that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions on your policy. If you don’t declare the condition and then go on to make a claim related to this condition, your claim may be rejected, forcing you to cover the costs yourself.

Travel insurance is a critical investment for anyone, but especially for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. At Compare Insurance, we can help you to compare travel insurance policies from a range of providers. Simply use our search engine to find and compare the best options for you.

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