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Travel insurance for winter sports

Are you currently planning your winter vacation? If so, you’ve probably already researched the snow conditions and the latest kit for skiing. However, have you dedicated time to getting your winter sports travel insurance right? Keep reading to learn more about travel insurance for winter sports.

What is winter sports travel insurance?

Generally, winter sports travel insurance is an add-on that you purchase on your policy to cover you from a wide range of snow-related activity risks. For instance, if you go snowboarding, buying a winter sports policy ensures you’re covered in the event of an accident or injury.

Winter sports travel insurance is essential as it gives you peace of mind knowing you’re protected when taking part in snow-related activities.

Remember, you’re more likely to incur an injury while skiing than you are while reading a book by the poolside. So, it’s imperative to get this add-on before your next winter vacation.

Why don’t insurers offer it as a standard policy?

Travel insurance companies base their premiums and policies on the risk involved. Therefore, the riskier it is to cover you, the higher your premiums.

Unfortunately, most insurers tend to stay away from covering dangerous and high risks activities, including winter sports, to avoid liabilities and financial losses. But, they’ll require you to purchase it at an additional cost to make even.

It’s vital to note that while a winter sports policy might make your insurance expensive, it’s worthwhile. It offers a financial safety net if you need to claim for lost equipment, medical expenses, accidents on slopes, and more.

What do winter sports policies cover?

A reliable winter sports travel insurance policy should include the following:

• Medical expenses following an accident
• The damage or loss of personal or hired winter sports equipment
• Loss of lift passes
• Avalanches and piste closures – this allows you to be reimbursed for the part of the trip you lose

Winter sports exclusions

Insurers don’t offer the same level of winter sports cover, so check carefully what yours does and doesn’t cover. For instance, it’s normal to find providers excluding extreme winter sports like snowmobiling.

You can use our tools here at Compare Insurance to compare policies and exclusions from various providers to see your travel insurance cost.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay