Car Insurance

Do I need insurance when driving someone else’s car?

From time to time you might need to drive someone else’s car. Maybe it’s an emergency or the owner wants to let you run some errands.

You should not hesitate to take to the driver’s seat due to a lack of personal insurance cover. The short term use of someone else’s car is usually covered under their car insurance policy. All you need is the car owner’s verbal permission to borrow the car to be covered. This is also known as “permissive use”, where the car’s liability coverage will pay for the injury and damages caused if you get into an accident.

However, the rules might change when you frequently borrow the car or when you have to use it for an extended duration. At which point, you should have a non-owner insurance policy for your protection or or monthly car insurance make sure you’re added to the other person’s policy.

When does the policy not cover me when driving someone else’s car?

Here are some of the few cases where you are not covered by the car insurance policy when driving someone else’s car;

• Failure to get permission – As long as the car owner can prove that they did not grant permission for you to use the car, you will have to bear the damages.

• Driving under the influence – Driving under the influence forfeits all the insurance coverage when driving someone else’s car.

• Excluded on their policy – Car insurance policies allow the car owner to exclude specific drivers. Driving the car when you are an excluded driver from the policy means you do not qualify for coverage and might be breaking the policy rules in the process.

• Unlicensed driver – You must have a valid driver’s licence to be covered under someone else’s car insurance policy.

Can I take my own insurance to drive someone else’s car?

While you might be covered on the car’s insurance policy when driving someone else’s car, there are times when it’s better to have a non-owner car insurance policy. This cover is recommended when you regularly borrow someone else’s car, rent cars frequently or you’re in between cars.

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay