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How to get cheaper car insurance

The average cost of car insurance has fallen slightly in the past year, according to Compare Insurance data. But any savings are unlikely to be passed on to consumers. Try to lower your premiums by doing the following:

Auto Renew

Don't auto-renew

30% of motorists let their policies renew automatically. Shop around and don't be one of them.

Compare Quotes

Compare quotes

Customers who search for car insurance with us could save up to AED 770

Increase Excess

Increase your excess

Insurers provide discounts if you're willing to increase your excess


What do you need to get a quote?


Car details

The car’s registration number if you have it to hand or alternatively the car make and model.


Your details

Including your nationality, your age and how long you've been driving in the UAE


No-claims discount

Details of your no-claims discount (ncd) will help give discounts.


Car insurance specifically for you

The cover you need also depends on what you drive, where, and how. There are also plenty of add-ons to help you find the right cover for you. Don't forget to shop around, because you are likely to save a significant sums of money by changing insurer every 12 months.

Agency Repair

Agency repair cover

Guarantees that the insurance company will have your car repaired at the manufacturer's official dealer.

Rent a Car

Rent a car

The insurance company will provide the Insured with a hire car for the duration required to repair the vehicle

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance

When the vehicle does not start, this cover will undertake minor adjustments to make the vehicle running again



How much does car insurance cost?

Car insurance is priced on a few different factors, so premiums will vary considerably on your circumstances

For example, older drivers are considered less of a risk than young drivers because of the years driving difference between them. Because of this younger drivers tend to pay alot more than experienced drivers but this isn't the only difference. Criminal records and points on your licence could also affect car insurance premiums.

Is car insurance cheaper annually or monthly?

Car insurance is generally cheaper when you pay annually because insurers tend to add on fees or monthly interest charges when paying monthly. Some insurers may only offer you to pay annually for the policy. It really depends on the insurer.

If you do opt to pay for your car insurance policy monthly, most insurers will do a credit check to see if you're able to afford this monthly payment.

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