Guide to car insurance claims

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Car insurance is designed to protect you and your vehicle

Guide to car insurance claims

Car insurance is designed to protect you and your vehicle, and any in the case of third-party insurance covers other cars involved in an accident. Having an accident or emergency on the road is never expected, however it is important to know the procedure to follow to successfully claim from your car insurance policy. Following the correct steps with your insurer helps for quick claim settlement. Here is a guide on how to make this unpleasant event a bit smoother.

1. Gather the information

Immediately following the incident, you should take photos of all of the damage to your vehicle or injuries sustained in the accident. This will provide much needed evidence in the claim process. Gather information about the other driver/s involved for your police report. This information will include the drivers name, contact number and vehicle details.

2. Report the incident

It is recommended that you report the accident as soon as possible to the police and file a report on the details of the accident. Without reporting the event accurately and timeously to the police, your insurance will not proceed with your claim. You will need to provide the police with all of the details of the other driver/s involved to provide a full incident report. Ensure that you have a full valid UAE driving license as well as a copy of your vehicle registration.

3. Inform your insurance provider

Get in touch with your insurer as soon as you have reported the incident to the police, providing them with all of the documentation from the accident to speed up the proceedings. When signing up for a new insurance policy you should ensure that you are fully aware of your policy benefits to understand what you would be covered for in the event of an accident and the excess amount that you are liable to pay.

After you have completed these three tasks, your insurer assesses the damage to or loss of your vehicle and will provide you with further advice on the repair or replacement of your vehicle. Each car insurance company has their own terms and conditions and it is advised that the instructions laid out by the company be followed correctly. While a car accident is a stressful situation to find yourself in, it is always recommended that you remain calm and follow these steps to ensuring you are covered and have a successful claim.

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