Off-Road Car Insurance Cover

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Off-Road Cover can protect your vehicle against any damage it sustains from off-road driving.

Off-Road Car Insurance Cover

Off-road car insurance is an optional cover for anyone prone to off-road adventuring. If you do any amount of driving off of a tar road, you might want to consider insuring your vehicle against the potential damage from off-road travel.

What Is It?

Off-road car insurance usually refers to add-on insurance that covers damage or loss incurred to a vehicle while it is driven off-road. Sometimes it is included as part of a basic car insurance policy, but it’s usually an add-on cover (purchased on top of a regular car insurance policy). Insurers generally include travel on gravel roads or unmarked roads as part of ‘off-road’ cover.

This type of cover is particularly common for 4x4 vehicles designed to be primarily used off-road. For example, a travel company that advertises desert dune exploration will certainly have this type of cover for their vehicles. Some insurance providers automatically apply this type of cover (with or without extra cost) to any vehicle deemed an ‘off-road vehicle’.

Do I Need This Kind of Cover?

If you drive off-road frequently then purchasing off-road car insurance is highly recommended. Be aware that if you frequently travel on gravel or unmarked roads, it’s possible that your insurance provider won’t cover your vehicle unless it is classified as “off-road capable” (i.e. SUVs or certain pickup trucks).

Be sure to check your current car insurance policy or any policy you are considering, for its specifications regarding off-road cover. If you are thinking of purchasing a car consider how much off-road driving you will be doing. If you drive off-road frequently, it may be better to invest in a car that qualifies as “off-road capable”.

What to Look Out For When Buying Off-Road Car Insurance:

If you’re thinking about purchasing off-road cover, remember to carefully check the policy to identify coverage limitations. Insurers will often place coverage restrictions based on the car’s age, type, model, and number on the odometer, among other things.

Different off-road policies can cater to slightly different needs. Some policies suit high-performance off-road vehicles that are designed for off-road terrain. Others may aim to insure vehicles that travel on rural dirt roads for deliveries, or other business pursuits. Always check the details with your insurance provider.

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