Car Insurance for Young Females

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Car insurance is generally less expensive for young women than for young men. However, rates can vary from one insurer to another

Car Insurance for Young Females

As in most countries, vehicle insurance rates in the UAE tend to be lower for women than for men. Both mandatory third-party insurance and comprehensive car insurance costs are affected by gender. The reasoning boils down to statistics, as is the norm when calculating with insurance premiums.

Why Car Insurance for Young Females is Cheaper

Insurance companies base their pricing on numerous factors, including gender and age. Younger drivers (often considered any driver under 25 years old) are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents and to make claims, than older and more experienced drivers. Young male drivers tend to have the highest insurance premiums as this broad demographic is statistically most accident-prone.

Research also shows that women are less likely to commit traffic violations like speeding and reckless driving or driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. This, combined with the fact that women tend to drive less than men overall, contributes to the difference in rates for car insurance for young females.

However, this difference is often only pronounced in women under 25. Women above this age are still considered safer drivers and will often enjoy lower premiums for various reasons. But the difference between their rates and those of their male counterparts becomes less dramatic.

Ultimately, car insurance is more affected by age than gender. Costs are higher for younger drivers – male and female – as they typically have less driving experience and are more likely to be involved in an accident. This trend reverses when a driver reaches their 60s and the effects of aging make them statistically more likely to be involved in accidents than people in the 30-50 age group.

Getting the Best Car Insurance as a Young Woman

When it comes to saving on your car insurance premium, it pays to be savvy with your options.

Get Discounts

Discounts are a good way to reduce the cost of insurance premiums for younger people. Some insurers offer lowered premiums for those who have qualified defensive and advanced driving courses.

Compare Your Options

Regardless of your age or gender, one of the most effective ways to save on your car insurance premiums is to shop around and compare your options. Different insurance groups offer different rates for car insurance for young women. It is worth comparing the policies of several companies to find the one best suited to you.

This process is easy with CompareInsurance. Find and compare all sorts of insurance policies quickly and conveniently and get the most suitable policy for your needs.

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