Is Your Vehicle Roadworthy?

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Ensuring the roadworthiness of your car is vital

Is Your Vehicle Roadworthy?

With few exceptions, vehicles in the UAE are required to have frequent roadworthiness tests. Without this clearance, a vehicle cannot receive registration renewal or insurance renewal, and therefore cannot be driven legally. Be aware that drivers can be fined for failing to maintain the roadworthiness of their vehicles throughout the year.

In Dubai, different vehicle types are expected to undergo roadworthiness tests with vehicle-specific frequency.

The most common kinds of tests are the new vehicle registration test, and the periodic vehicle test. The latter ensures that the vehicle being tested is safe to drive, among other things.

Periodic Vehicle Test

The periodic vehicle test refers to the periodic testing to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, as well as examine its exhaust emissions. This test is required to renew the vehicle registration.

  • Light, private vehicles bought brand new receive this inspection upon first registration
  • The vehicle will then receive another safety inspection after three years. After that, safety inspections will need to be done annually
  • Light, commercial vehicles such as taxis are required to undergo a safety test every year from the time they are first registered or their ownership transferred.
  • Heavy work vehicles such as trucks are also expected to undergo annual safety tests from the first year they are registered.

Safety-standards for heavy-duty vehicles are especially high. They can be legally stopped and inspected for safety-standards at any time, and fined if the standards are not met.

How Long Does the Periodic Vehicle Test Take?

Thankfully, the vehicle roadworthiness test is fairly simple. Whether your vehicle is roadworthy can normally be determined in under thirty minutes. These tests are performed at Vehicle Testing Centres (VTCs) run by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

Light vehicles (i.e. most cars, for both private and commercial use) are usually fully inspected within about twenty minutes.

Heavy vehicles can take a little longer to test but are also generally fully tested within a half hour. The average service time can depend on the time of year or vary from one day to the next. It largely depends on the number of customers at the VTC at any given time.

What Do I Need?

Before undergoing the periodic vehicle test to prove that your vehicle is roadworthy, you will need to present:

  • Your current vehicle registration card (unless the car is brand new, in which case it will first need to be registered)
  • Proof of a third-party liability car insurance policy or other valid car insurance policy
  • Your Emirates ID/proof of legal residency
  • If the vehicle is operated in a commercial capacity (i.e. as a taxi) a copy of your commercial license will also be required.

Roadworthiness and Your Insurance

Ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy at all times is crucial for maintaining maximum safety. A spotless safety record can also improve your insurance premiums.

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