Car Insurance for Imported Vehicles

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Getting insurance for imported vehicles can be a tricky process. Here’s what you need to know

Car Insurance for Imported Vehicles

The UAE is well known as a car enthusiast’s paradise. Exotic, imported vehicles are commonplace, but insuring them can be an obstacle. The country’s many car fanatics will often import vehicles that may otherwise be difficult to obtain.

However, getting car insurance for imported vehicles can be a tricky process. It’s important to be aware of the various legal and logistical hurdles one can encounter, before deciding whether to import.

Basic Requirements

It’s worth knowing that all right-hand drive vehicles cannot be registered for use on the roads in the UAE. Furthermore, all imported vehicles that are more than ten years old must be tested and approved by the Roads and Transport Authority before entering the country.

In fact, as much as 90% of imported cars that do not meet Gulf Cooperation Council vehicle standards, are refused cover by insurers. Remember, without basic third-party liability cover, a vehicle cannot be legally driven in the UAE. If an insurer does provide car insurance for imported vehicles, they may be hesitant to provide comprehensive coverage.

This is because a reliable service history can be difficult for UAE-based insurers to obtain. For all they know, an imported second-hand vehicle may have been in a major accident, and then repaired. While roadworthy, such a vehicle might have an increased risk of breaking down or being impacted worse by a subsequent accident.

Be aware that the pitfalls of imported cars can also affect their resale value. Potential buyers may be put off by the issues associated with getting car insurance for imported vehicles. That aside, the car’s maintenance may present its own hurdles.

The Spare Parts Problem

Another potential drawback to imported cars is the issue of spare parts. Vehicles produced for the UAE market meet specific criteria to suit the climate. An issue with imported vehicles is that they’re typically not modified to handle the heat. Air-conditioning and filtration system problems often arise. It may be expensive and difficult to get the right parts for repairs.

Importing Your Car

This is not to say that importing a car is unfeasible. It can be done, and often is. If you’re aware of the potential issues and still wish to go ahead, the process is as follows:

  • When the car enters the country, the importer (who must be a UAE-resident) pays a fee of 5% of the vehicle’s value
  • Get a clearance certificate
  • Have the car safety-tested
  • Have it registered
  • Have it insured.

Before importing, browse your insurance options and find the right insurer for imported cars. With CompareInsurance, it’s easy to find the best car insurance for imported vehicles. CompareInsurance is the best way to compare all kinds of car insurance policies in the UAE.

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