Car Insurance Groups

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Third-party liability auto insurance is mandatory in the UAE. Consequently, there are a high number of insurance groups to choose from

Car Insurance Groups

Most major insurance groups offer auto insurance, and they each have slightly different policies, prices and options. There are also over sixty auto-insurance companies in the UAE. While many offer similar services and benefits, there is nevertheless a wide range of policies that can vary a lot. With so many car insurance groups and policies, choosing the right fit for your needs can be tricky – if not daunting.

It is, however, always worth doing a bit of shopping around. Ensuring you have the best possible option can save you plenty of frustration and a significant amount of money in the long run.

Read on to assess which of the many car insurance groups is best for you.

Decide What You Need

First and foremost, consider what kind of auto insurance you need. Perhaps you have aftermarket vehicle modifications you want insured? Or maybe you like to take your car off-roading on the weekends? Different car insurance groups can offer quite different policies and rates for add-on types of auto insurance. For example, Group A may offer a better rate on insured personal effects than Group B. Group C may not offer that type of insurance at all.

Think about what you need out of your car insurance company. If you’re buying a new car from a dealership or paying for one with instalments to your bank, they may offer a set car insurance policy to accompany it. This policy might be all you need. But since it’s not tailored to you, it’s likely it will miss auto insurance add-on options you would like, or have you paying for ones you don’t need. For instance, you might not think it’s necessary to pay for breakdown cover for your brand-new car. Unfortunately, if that cover is included in the policy, you might not be able to exclude it from what you pay.

It’s usually better to find an affordable third-party liability auto insurance plan that’s customized to your specifications and fits your budget.

Now that you have assessed what you need, how should you go about finding it? This one is easy.

Use Compare Insurance

Comparing insurance policies using CompareInsurance is the best way to find the insurance policy most suitable for you. This way, you can weigh up the pros and cons (and variance in prices) of the different policies offered by car insurance groups.

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