Cruise Travel Insurance

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Why you should take out travel insurance for your upcoming cruise

Cruise Travel Insurance

Cruise travel insurance is a specialist type of travel cover which is designed to cover you for anything that might happen while you are on a cruise so that you can enjoy your holiday and relax. Your level of insurance cover while you are on a cruise differs from regular travel insurance and ensures that specific risks and activities are covered while you are at sea.

What does cruise travel insurance cover?

While policies do differ between insurance providers, most top cruise travel insurance plans include:

  • Emergency medical treatment costs: this covers emergency helicopter transfers, hospital, and ambulance fees as well as medical repatriation if it is deemed medically necessary for you to be transported to your home country for treatment. When you are at sea, cruise liners may not have the medical equipment or medication that if required in certain cases, therefore evacuation may be required.
  • Cabin confinement cover: if you are confined to your cabin for illness, deemed by your shops medical officer, you may be able to claim from your insurance.
  • Cancellations or missed trip: if your trip is cancelled due to bad weather or any other circumstances that are beyond your control, you may receive a refund. This will also provide cover if your trip is cut short.
  • Excursions protection: includes cover for any excursions or activities you booked before getting insurance cover that may have been missed due to illness or injury.
  • Baggage cover: if your bag or its contents are lost, stolen or damaged while you are on your trip.

Things to consider

When buying cruise travel insurance, you should always specify the countries you will be visiting while on your trip. Some countries have higher levels of healthcare and would cost more to receive treatment there. It is important to ensure you are fully covered before you leave on your exciting adventure.

As with all travel insurance packages, you must always declare if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries before you travel, failing to do this may render your insurance invalid. It is recommended that you look at the fine print when buying cruise travel insurance, different providers offer different benefits and limits levels to how much you can claim back for cabin cover or missed excursions. Getting a good cruise travel insurance package is an easy way to ensure that you can enjoy your trip stress-free!

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