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Can I buy travel insurance after booking my trip?

Have you booked yourself a spontaneous or unplanned trip and need to get insured quickly? Or perhaps you forgot to buy travel insurance until the last minute? If so, it’s never too late to get a comprehensive travel insurance policy. You can purchase travel insurance after booking your trip.

Keep reading to learn more about purchasing a last-minute travel insurance cover.

Buying last-minute travel insurance

Like a standard travel insurance cover, last-minute travel insurance protects you financially from unforeseen circumstances and accidents. For example, if you fall ill during your trip, a good insurance policy will cover your medical costs, including emergency repatriation services.

Usually, you can purchase a last-minute travel insurance policy on the same day as you travel, as long as you haven’t been through customs or left your country of residence.

Limitations to buying your policy after booking

It’s essential to note that there are limitations to purchasing your travel insurance cover after booking. For one, it won’t cover the losses associated with a foreseeable event.

Picture this: You have already booked your flight, and the government issues a warning for a storm or hurricane. In this case, this is a foreseeable event with the potential of affecting your travel by delaying or cancelling your flight.

Since you’re fully aware of the flight cancellation before buying your policy, insurers are less likely to consider your claim.

Another drawback to last-minute travel insurance is that you don’t get enough time to compare quotes and policies from different providers. This, in turn, can cause you to spend more than you have to on a policy. Additionally, you may not catch certain exclusions or exceptions in your policy that burn a hole in your pocket later on.

You’re better off shopping around for a travel insurance policy early on to give yourself enough time to read and understand terms and conditions and what’s covered or not.

At Compare Insurance, we recommend shopping for travel insurance for over 70s one or two months before your trip. But, if you need last-minute travel insurance, you can use our tools and resources to compare quotes from different providers.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay