Travel Insurance

What to do before you travel

If you haven’t travelled in a while, you might find some things have changed because of the pandemic. This makes it vital to start your travel preparations early to avoid last-minute rushes and stress. Below, we’ve created a pre-travel checklist to help you eliminate worry and stress before your trip.

1. Buy travel insurance

If you don’t have travel insurance, now’s the time to research different providers and compare various quotes and policies. The typical travel insurance policy covers emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation and lost luggage.

However, you might need additional cover, depending on where you’re travelling to and the activities you’ll partake in. For instance, if you go sky diving, consider getting a dangerous sports waiver.

Alternatively, if you already have travel insurance, you may want to update it to meet your current travelling needs.

2. Visit your doctor

It’s always a good idea to get a check-up before your trip to ensure you’re in good health and have all your prescriptions. This can also help with medical claims if your travel insurance provider refuses to reimburse you citing pre-existing medical conditions. You’ll have a trail of paper showing you were in good health before travelling.

Additionally, you may need to get certain vaccinations before your trip, but this depends on where you’re going.

3. Passports and visas

Make sure you have all the necessary visas, and your passport is valid. It’s wise to check the entry requirements of the country you’re visiting as certain areas require your passport to be valid for a set period, e.g., three or six months.

4. Research your destination

Researching your destination goes a long way in helping you plan your trip, including purchasing your travel insurance. For instance, if you’re travelling to expensive shopping destinations such as Dubai, you’ll need a baggage cover to protect you in the event of theft or luggage loss.

You can easily search for travel advice for the country you’re visiting online.

Compare quotes and policies

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay