Travel Insurance

Common travel insurance mistakes people make

When it comes to taking out long stay travel insurance, many of us simply don’t get it right! Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when they need this type of insurance.

Not taking it out in the first place

Taking a risk and skipping getting travel insurance is a big no-no that should simply never happen. Even if you’re only going overseas for a weekend, to somewhere you’ve been before, or visiting friends and family, if something goes amiss on your trip, it could end up costing a small fortune without insurance in place.

Not declaring a medical condition

Failure to declare a pre-existing medical condition on your insurance form might save you a few pounds on your insurance premium, but it’s not worth taking the risk if you need medical treatment for this condition while you’re away. You won’t be covered and you’ll end up footing the bill yourself.

Buying single-trip policies if you’re a frequent traveller

If you travel a lot, buying a single-trip insurance policy each time you go away could prove to be a false economy. Get yourself organised and look into buying a multi-trip annual policy, which could save you money in the long term.

Not checking destination cover

There’s no point taking out travel insurance if it doesn’t cover you for the destination(s) you’re heading to, so make sure the policy extends to all the places you intend to go to on your travels. Some policies are for a single country only, while others cover a region or continent. It’s especially important you take out the correct policy if you’re embarking on a round-the-world trip.

Opting for the cheapest policy

No matter what type of insurance you take out, whether it be car insurance, medical insurance or travel insurance, comparing prices is always a good idea to make sure you’re getting the best deal. But, don’t think that the cheapest price is always the most favourable option to go for. In some cases, the cheapest policy could see you paying extra excess if you make a claim, or it may not even cover you for all the aspects you need. With this in mind, always read the small print when weighing up your options.

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay