Travel Insurance

What does a good travel insurance policy look like?

If you’re asking yourself what a good travel insurance policy looks like, you’ve come to the right place. To ensure you buy the right policy for yourself, we’ve highlighted some must-haves that make for the perfect long term travel insurance plan.

Must-have features

Travel insurance policies vary, and they offer different features and cover different losses. However, there are some features that you should never compromise on when purchasing a policy, such as:

1. Medical expenses

A good policy should cover medical expenses up to a limit of £5m. However, if there’s any treatment that can wait until you return home (according to a medical opinion), it won’t be covered.

2. Repatriation service

This feature should be covered automatically, and it includes the costs of getting you back home for medical reasons. Again, any treatment that isn’t necessary and can wait till you get back home won’t be covered.

3. Cancellation

A reliable policy covers cancellation for £2,000 or more, but remember, insurers only cover this in certain circumstances. For instance, they may only cover cancellation if you fall ill, so read the terms and conditions of your policy carefully.

4. Missed departure

An ideal travel insurance policy should cover delayed or missed departure in cases beyond your control, such as vehicle breakdown or bad weather. Normally, policies will give you £500 or more.

5. Baggage cover

If you’re travelling to high-risk or expensive shopping destinations like the UAE, you need a baggage cover to protect you from luggage loss or theft. A good policy should cover £1,500 or more.

6. Travel abandonment

A reasonable travel insurance policy should cover you for travel abandonment for £2,000 or more. But remember, insurers only cover this in certain circumstances, so read between the fine print to find exceptions and exclusions.

7. Personal liability cover

Most travel insurance policies will give you £2 million or more in personal liability cover.

Bottom line

An ideal travel insurance policy must have these seven features. If it doesn’t, you’re better off finding another provider. Luckily for you, we’ve made that easy with our travel insurance comparison tool, which allows you to compare plans and policies from various providers.

Use it today and find the perfect insurance policy for your travelling needs.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay