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Five things you can do to avoid losing your car insurance

Every car owner takes insurance cover with a motor insurance provider to have someone to fall back on when something goes wrong with the car. However, an insurance provider cannot compensate for all claims made by a car owner. There are several reasons why your insurer can deny your claim. This blog post looks at five things you can do to avoid such an occurrence.

Notify your insurer of new modifications

It’s critical to notify your insurer when your car goes through modifications. A standard change such as raising your vehicle can affect the gravity of your vehicle, causing an accident during high speeds. An insurance company can invalidate the claim due to the car’s modifications in such a case. You can inform them when renewing your cover.

Use your car in the right way

When a car insurance company issues a policy, It bases its calculations based on the car’s intended use. When your car is cataloged as a private car but an accident occurs while it’s doing commercial work, the insurance company will decline your claim. Always use your car as has been declared to your provider.

Drive with a valid license

Driving without a valid license is illegal and a danger to your insurance cover. Insurance companies insist that you drive under legal conditions and with the proper classification of your license. An insurance company can decline your claim if you are involved in an accident with a type of car you are not licensed to drive.

Avoid fraud

Insurance companies are very vulnerable to fraud. This is why they are often so rigorous during the validation portion of investigating a claim. Someone can claim their car is stolen in a conspiracy to make it disappear. An insurance company can fail to honour the claim if fraud is found.

Track the location of your car at all times

Ensure you know what your car is doing at all times, especially if it has multiple drivers. Most insurance companies could fail to honour your claims if an accident happened following someone using your car for criminal activities. Knowing where your car is whilst parked and in use minimises this risk.

All in all, drive safely and always follow the rules. Feel free to get insurance quotes that suits your needs at Compare Insurance today.

Photo: Free image by Pixabay