Travel Insurance

Three surprising things your travel insurance may cover

It’s extremely important to make sure that you have valid holiday safe insurance when going abroad, especially within the current Coronavirus pandemic. There are several things that seem certain to be contained within any travel insurance policy (for example, hospital treatment and hotel cancellations), but there are also many other things that may be included that holidaymakers are not aware of. Listed below are three surprising things your travel insurance may cover.


Whilst most travel insurance companies cover injury to some degree, many policies also cover death. This will depend on the policy itself, so it is worth checking before trying to claim for this, but many travel insurance policies will cover the cost of cancelling a trip if a close friend or family member dies, even if they were not one of the people listed on the policy. Some travel insurance policies even cover the policyholder against death, with the repatriation of remains sometimes covered – your family may even receive a pay-out if you die on your trip, although this may not apply if you visit a country where travel is warned against due to potential danger.

Small medical costs

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t realise that travel insurance usually covers the cost of small medical procedures, with many instead thinking it only stretches to major surgery. Whilst there may be an excess to pay (so the cost of smaller treatment may actually be cheaper than paying the excess), it’s worth checking out, in case you do encounter minor injury when on holiday.


When considering travel insurance, it’s usually assumed that it only covers humans. Whilst separate animal/pet insurance can be purchased that is specifically designed for your pet, some travel insurance companies have now started to cover pets under general travel insurance policies. Each policy will differ, but some things a general travel insurance policy may cover include emergency vets visits and treatment, cancellation of the trip in case your pet is too ill for you to travel, and early return costs in case you and your pet have to return home early. If you are taking a pet on holiday with you, it is important to make sure they are covered by your policy.

Shopping for holiday cancellation insurance can sometimes be overwhelming – contact us today to find the best travel insurance policy for your trip!

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Car Insurance

Three surprising things your car insurance may cover

If you have a vehicle, it is important to make sure that it is insured. Different types of vehicles will require different types of insurance, and depending on your needs, you may also want to have certain things included that might not be included within other policies. However, car insurance policies often include extras that the owner of the car isn’t aware of – check out our list below to read about three surprising things your car insurance may cover.

Using the wrong fuel

It’s important to put the correct fuel in your car – not doing so can be a very costly mistake. A lot of insurers won’t cover for putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle, but some will. Often, this is something you have to pay extra for, but it can sometimes be included, so it’s worth checking your policy in case this ever happens to you. There may be an excess involved though, so this is also worth checking as it could end up being more expensive than the cost to have the engine drained professionally.

Uninsured drivers

It’s often thought that having an accident with an uninsured driver means that you are not insured against the damage they cause to your vehicle. This is not always correct though, as most comprehensive car insurance policies now cover uninsured drivers automatically. An uninsured driver claim can often be filed with your insurance company, so it is important to check whether your insurance covers this. You can sometimes even file an uninsured driver claim if you are a pedestrian and an uninsured driver hits you on the street.

Pet injuries

Having a car accident with a pet in the vehicle with you can be rather traumatic, especially if they are injured in the accident. Many people don’t know this, but most comprehensive car insurance compare companies now offer reimbursement for pet injuries caused in car accidents – this may not always be automatically included in the policy, but it is becoming more and more frequent. If you regularly carry pets in your car, it would be worth making sure that your car insurance covers them, even if it is not automatically included in your current policy.

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Travel Insurance

Surprising things that travel insurance DOES cover

If you’re going on a trip, purchasing travel insurance is an absolute must. Single trip travel insurance helps you go away with peace of mind, knowing that any issues that come up won’t leave you out of pocket. Most people buy travel insurance to help them in case of any medical concerns, or if their trip gets cancelled. But there are some surprising things that are included in travel insurance policies.

Note: This is not the case for all policies, so do read the information carefully before purchasing your insurance.

Illness of a travel companion

If you’ve booked a trip with somebody and they are taken ill and can no longer go on holiday, you can likely get your money back. After all, if you’ve booked a romantic trip for two in the Maldives, you aren’t going to want to go on your own while your partner is ill, right? Most insurance policies will offer a full refund for the whole party even if only one is sick.

Losing a job

If you lose your job, don’t fret – you might not have to spend big bucks on an expensive holiday. Some travel insurance providers cover redundancies in their policies, as well as if you are required to work and can no longer take holiday time. Check with your provider, and confirm if you think that there may be any risk of you losing your job.

Pet medical expenses

If you are travelling with your pet, you might not need to fork out for expensive pet-only insurance. Some insurance packages have add ons just for pets. This will cover costs like pet illness when away, as well as pet return if something happens to you while you are abroad.

Renting a car

If you’ve ever rented a car abroad, you’ll know that they often try to upsell you to their car insurance. Often, this is very costly – and you might not need it. Travel insurance often covers damage to rental cars up to a certain amount.

If you think you might require assistance in any of these forms, give your travel insurance policy a thorough read and see if it will cover you – if it doesn’t, get in contact with your provider to enquire about upgrading.

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