Anaesthetists Roles and Fees in Health Insurance

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Like surgeons, anaesthetists may charge a separate fee for their services during medical procedures

Anaesthetists Roles and Fees in Health Insurance

The administering of anaesthesia is a specialist medical procedure that is vital during many surgeries and any medical procedure that requires a general anaesthetic.

Anaesthesia can be administered by an anaesthetist (a trained nurse) or, sometimes, an anesthesiologist (a doctor with specialised skills relating to anaesthesia).

Insurance companies will usually list their policy plans with regards to coverage of surgeons and anaesthetists.

Does my Healthcare Cover Anaesthetist Fees?

Many comprehensive healthcare plans with a high premium will cover anaesthetist fees in full. However, it is always best to check exactly what your insurer covers. Insurance companies list covered and excluded costs on their website or in a hardcopy pamphlet.

Most healthcare websites will have a downloadable brochure with an extensive list of coverage, but the benefits of medical schemes can vary over a large spectrum. Generally, you get what you pay for. Your plan may reimburse the cost of an anaesthetist’s fee in full or in varying percentages. Different plans within a medical scheme may offer different benefits and reimburse members differently.

Depending on your insurer, it is also possible to customize your healthcare plan. You will have a lowered premium if you opt to exclude cover of anaesthetist fees on your healthcare plan. However, as with surgeon fees, anaesthetist costs can be high.

If it is affordable, getting a medical scheme with total coverage is the best way to avoid large, unexpected fees after surgery. Some high-premium plans even allow you to select an anaesthetist of your choice.

Structure of an Anaesthetist’s Fees

It is likely that your medical insurance will cover at least part of an anaesthetist’s fee. This fee is a sum of the preoperative consultation time and a usually time-based anaesthetic procedure fee. An anaesthetist’s fee can vary by role; not all procedures require equal time or skill.

Note that a fee for an antitheists’ time rarely falls under the cost of theatre time.

A consultation or pre-anaesthetic assessment is needed to evaluate any patient risk factors and to enable planning of the anaesthetic procedure.

Part of an anaesthetist’s role in healthcare often includes extra time with a patient in a recovery room or intensive care unit.

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