Compassionate Visits

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This additional insurance covers the cost of travel for a family member to visit you should you be hospitalized

Compassionate Visits

Many health insurance companies offer this cover either as an add-on cover for standard health insurance policies, or as part of comprehensive ‘elite’ plans. The latter often involves high premiums, and the addition of this cover to a standard policy can also be costly.

The extent of cover for compassionate visits varies depending on the policy. Generally, it will cover the basic cost of an economy class flight for a relation of the insured, should the insured be hospitalized in the UAE and have no family with them. Most will cover the cost of a flight from anywhere in the world to the emirates.

With high-premium elite health insurance packages, one can expect cover of multiple visits by one or more family members. Some packages even include cover of accommodation costs and a limited ‘living allowance’.

As is almost always the case, you get what you pay for. For many people, basic compassionate visits cover may not be worth the cost of the additional premium. However, it can offer peace of mind that should they one be hospitalized abroad or otherwise far away from their family, their insurance will cover the cost to have a loved one by their side.

Should I Purchase Coverage for Compassionate Visits?

This cover is usually recommended to people who work abroad – away from their close family – or those who travel abroad frequently.

It is important to understand the full extent and limitations of this cover before opting for it. Different insurers and different policies have their own limitations. For example, one policy might only allow for the coverage of travel expenses for one close family member (i.e. spouse, parent, sibling). Others may extend the cover to a more distant relative, but only allow for partial coverage of their travel expenses.

How to Make a Claim

Some documents that may need to be submitted for a compassionate visit claim include:

  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • A doctor’s note stating the benefit of having an attendant
  • A copy of your passport
  • Invoices for supporting the claim amount
  • A copy of the ticket itinerary

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