What Hospitals Are Included in Your Network Tier on Your Health Insurance Policy?

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Health insurance tier systems should help consumers compare similarly priced health plans

What Hospitals Are Included in Your Network Tier on Your Health Insurance Policy?

Many health insurance providers offer a tiered system. Each tier comes with a clearly defined set of benefits. The top tier offers the most comprehensive list of medical cover, while the lowest tier offers a ‘no frills’, basic level of health cover.

Most employer-based health insurance plans use the ‘metal tier’ system: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The network tier that your health insurance plan falls under can determine what hospitals are included in your health insurance policy.

What Are the Different Tiers?

Platinum tier health care plans are the most comprehensive plans and cost the most in monthly premiums. But they will also cover more of your health care needs, meaning you pay less out-of-pocket when you need to consult top doctors and specialists. With this tier, many potentially expensive procedures and surgeries are largely covered by the policy.

With most insurance providers, platinum tier healthcare will cover a very wide range of medical treatments at a wide range of healthcare facilities. Most overseas facilities are usually included, depending on the insurance provider. As usual, policy details vary from one insurance provider to another.

In general, Platinum tier will offer you a wide range of hospitals included in your health insurance policy. Some UAE-based insurance companies allow for global coverage with no exceptions, when using their Platinum level plan.

With the lowest-level Bronze health plans, you pay a relatively low monthly premium. However, when you need to use a medical facility you will have to pay a significantly higher portion of the cost than you would with a higher-tier plan.

With most UAE-based insurers, the Bronze level includes only UAE-based hospitals in their network tiers. Some insurers also include healthcare providers in other Gulf-Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in their network. Network cover rarely extends beyond this region on the Bronze tier.

Silver and Gold tiers tend to offer some degree of international hospital coverage. Exact regions vary by insurance provider. Further, there may be variance in the types of healthcare providers included in the covered regions.

What Hospitals Are Included in Your Network Tier on Your Health Insurance Policy?

The number of healthcare providers available to you increases with a higher-tier health plan.

However, which healthcare providers are covered depends not only on the healthcare-tier, but on the insurance provider’s version of the tier. Most insurance providers will cover all UAE-based healthcare providers and most (if not all) international facilities, on the Platinum tier. But that is not the most economic choice for most people.

When choosing a healthcare plan, you should consider the differences in the version of each of the four tiers. You may wish to spare no expense and get the Platinum plan. Or perhaps you are sufficiently covered on a Bronze plan. Either way, it is important to compare what is offered by Insurer A’s Platinum plan vs. Insurer B’s Platinum plan, and so.

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What Hospitals Are Included in Your Network Tier on Your Health Insurance Policy?

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