Pathology Tests

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The extent of coverage for this kind of testing depends on your medical scheme

Pathology Tests

Pathology tests fall under the umbrella of Diagnostic Testing. This type of test process begins with a doctor taking blood, urine or tissue samples from a patient. These are then analysed in a laboratory. Pathology tests are most often used to look for evidence of disease or abnormalities, or diagnose an illness. They can also be used to predict how long recovery will take, to prepare for treatment, or to monitor a condition or medication.

What Do These Tests Involve?

Blood tests are perhaps the most common method by which to perform a pathology test.

Does my Health Insurance Cover Pathology Tests?

Many health insurance plans in the UAE cover the cost of blood tests and other types of tests for pathologies. However, whether your plan covers these costs may depend on whether you receive treatment as an inpatient or as an outpatient.

This type of testing can fall under the category of Medical Necessity. In other words, it is essential in order to identify a condition or illness. It is done for reasons other than the comfort and convenience of you or your doctor i.e. it can be reasonably determined that it is essential to your wellbeing.

Generally, you will receive complete coverage of costs if you undergo a pathology test while admitted to a healthcare facility as an inpatient. This is typically included even in basic employee healthcare insurance plans.

If your GP recommends that you undergo a blood test or other pathology test, you would do so as an outpatient. Depending on your health insurance plan, this can incur costs.

However, even if cover for the cost of a blood test is provided by private health insurance, there may be some out-of-pocket costs. This can occur if the pathology costs are greater than the amount covered by your health insurance.

As mentioned, the exact coverage provisions under any health insurance plan will vary depending on the insurance company you choose to purchase your policy from.

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What Do These Tests Involve?

Does my Health Insurance Cover Pathology Tests?


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