What’s Covered in International Healthcare Policies?

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International health insurance should offer comprehensive cover for people living abroad

What’s Covered in International Healthcare Policies?

The UAE has an exceptionally large working expat population from around the world. Therefore, international healthcare policies are common and competitively priced. It is common for expats in the UAE to get international healthcare insurance from a UAE-based insurer. It’s also convenient for expats to have their insurer based where they most often reside.

These policies include packages catering to individuals and to families living abroad, whether for studying, working or retirement.

International healthcare policies should be designed to give the most efficient, convenient and high-quality medical treatment for people living outside of their home country.

Most international healthcare policies are valid in locations where one is legally required to have cover before acquiring a visa. Many provide for convenient private healthcare in countries where expats would have access to public healthcare facilities.

How Does International Healthcare Insurance Work?

With most policies, international healthcare insurance works like any other kind of insurance. A good policy will provide coverage anywhere that the insured is likely to travel. International healthcare policies should cover for most healthcare facilities.

Showing the policy documents to the healthcare providers will be necessary, so these documents (or copies) should be kept safely with you when travelling.

Some locations might not accept these international healthcare policies. In this case, you would have to pay the healthcare provider upfront. However, with a comprehensive international healthcare policy you should be able to make a claim afterwards.

Take note that not all private healthcare facilities in all countries will accept international health insurance. Others may accept it from certain affiliated insurance companies only. Whenever possible, check with each facility before agreeing to undergo any treatment.

What is covered in International Healthcare Policies?

As with many kinds of insurance policies, various options are available as ‘add-on’ cover.

For example, most international healthcare policies do not cover dental in the standard policy. But insurers will often add such cover for those willing to pay a higher premium to have it.

Many policies will also not cover pre-existing conditions. A policy that does cover for pre-existing conditions will take the condition into account, and premiums will likely be higher.

So what is covered in international healthcare policies? In short, it depends on the standard policy of your insurer, as well as the cover they provide as optional add-ons.

When choosing an international healthcare policy, it is advisable to compare several different options. Consider your individual healthcare needs and lifestyle factors, such as how often you travel abroad.

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