Medical Aid and Pregnancy

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Things to Consider regarding Medical Aid and Pregnancy

Medical Aid and Pregnancy

The Dubai Health Insurance Law has made it compulsory for all residents of Dubai, as well as their dependents, to be covered by health insurance. Basic health insurance should also include maternity cover. If you have taken out your own health insurance plan and are not covered by your employer, it is important to check whether your medical aid plan covers maternity or pregnancy benefits.

Maternity cover is vital to ensure that you and your child are taken care of for the duration of your pregnancy, going into childbirth. Without medical aid, the costs around pre-natal care can be expensive and stressful. Many medical aids also require that you pay into the health insurance policy for at least 6 months before you can utilize the benefits, it is therefore important to check this well-before you decide to fall pregnant.

Prenatal benefits:

Maternity cover includes prenatal care which involves all the medical consultations with an ob-gyn during your pregnancy, blood tests and scans that you might need. These consultations can be costly, and you need at least 3 prenatal scans during your pregnancy. During pregnancy, your nutritional and health needs change and you will need to invest in a daily pregnancy supplement to ensure both your health and the health of your growing baby.

Birth cover:

It is essential to be covered when it comes to childbirth. Hospitals offer different rates for childbirth and there are often different rates when it comes to deciding between a caesarean section (C-section) and a natural birth. C-section is commonly more expensive due to the procedures involved as well as a longer hospital stay. While expecting mothers often have an idea of their ideal birth plan, this can change due to complications or a medical emergency, it is a good idea to therefore plan for the most expensive birthing plan when you are working this into your needs assessment and budget.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it also involves many changes in the mother and the family as a whole. Looking forward to birthing your child should not include the stress and pressure of finances. If you are planning on having children, looking at a good medical aid plan is important before you fall pregnant. There are many different medical aids out there with varied cover for different plans, you can therefore take control of what you can afford and what you want to be included in your plan.

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