What’s Covered in Regional Healthcare Policies?

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Regional healthcare policies cover residents in the UAE and other GCC countries. The coverage and pricing of these policies can vary greatly

What’s Covered in Regional Healthcare Policies?

It is generally advised that expats arrange for comprehensive health insurance before moving to the UAE.

In much of the UAE (including Abu Dhabi and Dubai), expats are required by law to have private healthcare. Employers are legally required to contribute towards the healthcare insurance of their employees.

What is Covered in Regional Healthcare Policies?

In Dubai, employers are required to provide health insurance coverage for their employees. In addition to this, many employers extend the coverage they provide for their employees to employee’s dependents, despite this not being mandatory.

The extent of what’s covered in regional healthcare policies can be determined by several factors. Factors may include your salary, employment position, and your number of dependents. The policy type and extent of coverage determines the cost of medical services.

Healthcare in the UAE is generally of a high standard, but the mandatory minimum healthcare cover provided by employers is limited.

Many employment contracts include excellent healthcare insurance benefits with extensive, high-quality coverage. But many residents also find major restrictions to their cover. Unfortunately, often these limitations only become clear after needing to go to hospital.

Common Limitations

Common limitations of basic regional healthcare policies include:

  • Limitations on the choice/range of healthcare providers. Basic policies typically include only a few healthcare providers as viable options.
  • Limitations on treatment. There are various treatments excluded from government-mandated regional healthcare policies provided by employers. Such treatments include psychological counselling, and rehabilitation to treat various conditions.

Regional healthcare policies typically apply beyond one Emirate state. Some may include several or all Gulf Cooperation Council countries. A few include coverage further abroad, even certain areas overseas. It depends on the insurance provider.

The finer details of what’s covered by regional healthcare policies can vary considerably. That is why it is always a good idea to review and understand your regional healthcare policy. It is also advisable to compare it to the policies of competing companies.

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What is Covered in Regional Healthcare Policies?

Common Limitations

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